About J. Christie Martin

I am an artist, author, and Washington native. I enjoy all kinds of activities with my husband, children and two dogs, and make my home on Whidbey Island.

I love to draw from life and look for inspirational ways to interpret what I see.

My zen series is a fun and whimsical way for me to interpret the world in a really creative way. I genuinely feel like I am doodling when I work on these pieces and they seem to just flow. 

About Dragonfly Hollow Studio

What mediums do you work with?

I use a variety of mediums. I often lay down a base layer of pan pastels in a neutral color and then build up with colored pencils. The pan pastel base allows me to blend colors really effectively. I also use liquid acrylic ink and traditional acrylics. For my pen drawings, I use archival quality ink.

What inspired you to create coloring books?

Coloring is a lifetime habit for me.  I love how you can relax and create something beautiful and unique with some crayons or colored pencils. 


My trail guide coloring books and watercolor bird book are designed to give children and adults an artistic opportunity that also allows them to learn something valuable about animals in nature.  My fantasy / zen coloring books are a unique way to just play with whimsy and let go of structure.

What has been integral to your work as an artist living in the Puget Sound area?

It is certainly not difficult to find inspiration in the beautiful outdoor spaces we are fortunate enough to call home. I am so appreciative of how diverse the habitats are within such close proximity to where I live. Whether I am drawing from observation, or creating a new fantasy or inspirational series, I feel very blessed to call this area home.

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